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Development of the Kandym group of fields is one of the Company’s top priority projects that will considerably boost its gas production. The Kandym Group development project provides for construction of a gas processing plant with the annual output of 8 bln. cu. m.

The Kandym Group of gas fields consisting of 6 separate gas condensate areas (Kandym, Kuvachi-Alat, Akkum, Parsankul, Khodzhi, West Khodzhi) is located in Karakul District of Bukhara Oblast, near the Turkmen border.

In 2015 as part of the “Kandym. Full Development” project it was resolved to transfer it on to the “Implementation” stage: development of the Kuvachi-Alat field and North Shady Block began ahead of schedule, with the said block being a part of the “Early Gas of Kandym” project, which is the first stage of the integrated facilities development of the Kandym Group of fields. During the said year 21 wells and 2 gas gathering stations have been commissioned. In 2015, six wells were launched at the Dzharkuduk field as part of the “Gissar. Full Development” project.

In 2016 the Company started construction of the Kandym gas processing complex which is a key production facility of the Kandym Gas-Condensate Fields Infrastructure Development Project. The Kandym gas processing complex project will include construction of a gas processing plant with the annual output of 8.1 bln. cu. m of gas, as well as natural gas gathering facilities.

Khauzak-Shady gas field is situated in Bukhara Oblast. Drilling in the area commenced in the summer of 2006, while commercial production started in November 2007. Exactly one year later the field reached the designed gas production level. In late 2011 gas production started in the West Shady Block. In 2014 a booster compressor station was launched in Khauzak bumping up the current gas production level by 20 percent.

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