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Yu. Korchagin Field

Yu. Korchagin Field is located in the Russian Caspian Sea at depths between 11 and 13 m. The distance to the nearest shore (the Volga delta) is about 120 km. The nearest sea ports are Astrakhan (175 km) and Makhachkala (250 km), the closest railway stations are in Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Kizlyar and Derbent.

The offshore platform which is used for oil production was built entirely by the Russian companies. It employs the "zero-discharge" principle whereby all industrial or household waste is taken onshore for disposal.

From the infrastructural point of view, the field is comprised of the following facilities:

  • Ice-resistant platform (IRP-1) with a 560 ton carrying capacity to drill boreholes as deep as 7,400 meters. There are 30 wells.

  • Ice-resistant platform (IRP-2) used as living quarters. The living quarters accommodate 105 people. The endurance is 15 days.

  • Subsea pipeline. 58 km long, 300 mm in diameter, wall thickness of 16 mm. Floating oil storage. Deadweight of 28,000 tons, crew of 25. 

  • The location of the floating oil storage is outside of the Caspian ice zone.

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