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LUKOIL in the Kingdom of Belgium

PJSC LUKOIL began retail operations in Belgium in 2007 as part of its marketing network development in Western Europe.

In the past four years, the Company's distribution network has been steadily expanding and now comprises over 180 gas stations. Gas stations are located in all three Belgian administrative regions — Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels. LUKOIL provides more than 800 jobs in the country. LUKOIL's terminal in Belgium supplies petroleum products to retail gas station networks of virtually all major companies in Brussels. It is also one of the country's most advanced and environmentally friendly facilities.

LUKOIL is an active participant of the Belgian business community, taking part in the activities of field-specific NGOs and industry associations. It is, for example, a member of the Belgian Oil Federation.

Since 2014, LUKOIL has been selling diamonds mined by the Company from the Vladimir Grib field in the Archangelsk region (Russian Federation). Diamonds are sold by Grib Diamonds N.V., a hundred-percent owned subsidy of PJSC LUKOIL headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium.

Grib Diamonds N.V. operates in compliance with three key principles: transparency, competition and business ethics. Not only does the Company adhere to the principles of social responsibility, but it is also guided by the same principles when choosing its partners: only members of the Responsible Jewellery Council are allowed to take part in its auctions.

Company Presence

LUKOIL Belgium N.V.ПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing
Grib Diamonds N.V.    Marketing of diamonds from the Vladimir Grib field

LUKOIL Benelux B.V.

ПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing

The Company invests considerable amounts in its environmental program and completes all necessary works ahead of the deadlines set by the Belgian central and regional governments. Between 2008 and 2015, it invested around 14 million euros in the clean-up and reclamation of the future gas station sites and purchase of environmentally-friendly equipment.

The Company was one of the first market players to offer maximum volumes of biodiesel through the gas station network and its own terminal, as well as to blend motor gasolines with bioethanol.

According to a long-standing tradition of endorsing culture and intercultural exchange, the Company marked its 20th anniversary in 2011 by organizing in Brussels jointly with BOZAR Music an exclusive concert of the Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Fedoseev, which featured a performance by the renowned Russian pianist Denis Matsuev.